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My OCBC TR card had a fraudulent charge from Amazon EU 3-4 weeks ago and I have made multiple calls to OCBC hotline to inform of this issue, for the bank to reverse the transaction or at least issue a temp credit while the investigation is being done.

However, OCBC chose to do nothing, and now I am going to be hit with late payment penalty and interest for a fraudulent transaction which they have been duly informed 3 weeks prior.

And it seems that I am not the only case as the OCBC staff acknowledged that this is a widespread issue within the bank and from what I understand, the people who were advised to just leave the fraud charge unpaid were subsequently slapped with the late fee and interest, as well as a hit on their Credit Rating on CBS.
You don't pay up before due date, it becomes an unpaid balance.
Prompt payment is part of credit ratigg evaluation and Unpaid balance affects the credit rating evaluation negatively.
CBS does not know why you unpaid, only that you unpaid and how much.
Hi bladez87,

We would like to check on this.

Please drop us a private message with your bank registered mobile number.

We will do our best to respond to your posts as quickly as we can. However, outside of office hours and for urgent matters, please call 1800 363 3333.

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