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I recently upgraded by GPU to a GTX1660 Super from a GTX 1050, but then I realised that my CPU (i5-7600) is bottlenecking my GPU, especially in open world games like AC and GTA V where I struggle to maintain 60fps.

I'm looking to upgrade my i5-7600 to a Ryzen 5 3600, but is the performance gain worth replacing my entire CPU + Motherboard for? or should I go for a 2600 or just wait out for Gen 4?
2600 only ard 100 bucks cheaper than 3600.
Might as well opt for 3600 in my opinion.prob can last 2-3 years given current intel incompetence manufacturing process.

But if super budget maybe can save more buying 2600 during BF sales when they clearing old stocks.
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