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Precisely. I am asking about ambient mode because I care about safety.

When I am driving, I use one side of Outlier as my Bluetooth earpiece for answering calls. But Outlier noise isolation is good. Even when I am wearing only one side, I think it will be good if there is ambient mode.

The purpose of ambient mode in ear buds is for safety. It's for situational awareness.

The line between Bluetooth earpiece and earbuds is blurred nowadays. Many people are using ear buds such as AirPods or Galaxy Buds as their Bluetooth earpiece for in car usage. Both models come with ambient mode.
using earbuds while driving is illegal in some places just not here in SG!
5. Can we use hands-free devices like microphones and earphones?

Yes, motorists can use the aid of hands-free function and applications as long as these do not interfere with the driver’s line of sight. This means that no communication or electronic gadget should be affixed on the car’s dashboard and steering wheel. In addition, drivers are only allowed to wear earphones when making or receiving calls. Using earphones to listen to music falls under “similar acts” in Section 4B of the law, in addition to reckless driving violation penalized under other relevant laws. Dashcams may be placed above the dashboard or behind the rear view mirror as long as it does not obstruct the driver’s line of sight.
USA some states and Canada is a no go.
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