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I am looking for ambient mode with no sound leak.

Android phone can use AirPods Pro? Do I lose any feature when I use it with Android phone?
AirPods Pro work perfectly with Android phones. I tested it. The only features you lose are battery indicator and firmware updates.

I compared it with Sony and indeed the transparency mode is better on AirPods. They also feel more comfortable. I also like that the transparency mode is auto-activated if you only wear one earbud, which makes sense as it balances your ear. Being white colour, it also benefits ease of finding it in the event that you accidentally dropped in the car.


As of now, there are very few choices for earbuds with transparency. Having said that, the Huawei Freebuds 3 is launching on 30 Nov at SITEX with free gifts worth $172, only available at SITEX launch. The Freebuds is open-fit, meaning you will ear outsides sounds naturally. Worth considering.

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