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For $50, i rather get the 3600. Zen2 architecture of the gen3 is vastly superior to the Zen+ of the 2700. Clock to clock alone, 3600 is easily 15% better. You only get slight better result with 2700 only if the program can fully utilise the extra 2 cores.
Intel 9600 / 9700 / 9900k is far better than the 2700, they also beat the 3600 by abit.

Where ryzen wins is with their 3900x and 3950x for productivity.

In theory ryzen has some latency disadvantage because the memory controller is decoupled from the CPU cores. When you only have ONE chiplet (<= 8 cores), you pay this disadvantage for no benefit

However when you have 2 or more chiplets (12 - 64 cores) then the chiplet design lets you scale the core count much more cheaply because of the decoupled memory controller.

IMO right now, get the 9900k / i5-9600 for 8 cores and below, and AMD for 12 cores and up. Intel is still slightly faster core for core

For gaming, the 9600 is enough for pretty much good enough for everything today. Any $ spent means you can put more cash towards that 3080TI or whatever nvidia is releasing next year, and its the GPU that really matters for gaming

For own-use productivity, the 3950x is a sweetspot, as going for threadripper comes with a big price penalty in terms of motherboard costs and CPU cost / core. That said if its a company purchase you probably get threadripper anyway, because time cost is a big deal.

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