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That's true. I see your point. I see myself quite the patriot actually. Tbh I have some knowledge about RSAF and daily life, but not so much with specific squadrons such as UAV.

Decent also means its pretty respectable in the sense there is pride in the job, and its definitely different from your daily office work.

Fitness wise, i really enjoy working out and it really aligns with my character.

Appreciate the viewpoint!

Also would want to ask if anyone knows about the 're-contract' of the job for officers...
There are many ways to be a patriot without signing on. A true patriot wouldn't be signing on for the reasons you have for wanting to sign on. In fact that is more like the opposite of being a patriot.

If you don't go do your own research regarding signing on before seeking advice, then you are really thinking of signing on for the wrong reasons.

A job is only as respectable and prideful as how one views it. You can also 10 different people and 10 different people will have very different views about signing on with the SAF.

How will you know it is definitely different from daily office work if you don't know much about RSAF?

Working out and the fitness required to be combat ready is very different. I assume you are a lady?

I reckon before you find out more about recontract for officers etc, you should go find out more about the job itself. If not you shouldn't sign on. And if you want to sign on cause you think it is iron rice bowl. then I think you will be broken like a glass bowl very soon.
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