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Of course there are multiple ways to be a patriot. and yes pride in the job is dependent on the person and how they themselves view it.

I don't find your broken glass bowl remark constructive.

Do you have any experiences of signing on to share? Seems to me you have quite the negative view about signing on. However, I must emphasize life in the RSAF is alot different from life in the army.

Keep it constructive. Your thoughts are much appreciated.
If you can agree that there are many ways of being a patriot and whether there is pride in the job is dependent on how the person views it, then whether a remark is constructive or not is also dependent on how the person views it. If you don't then, it's your prerogative.

Maybe your feel is wrong. In fact, to me if people want to sign on, good for them. We need people to sign on to do the job required regardless of how people feel that NS is a waste of time.

My issue is with people who wants to sign on for reasons like yours, i.e.
1) "the pay is decent, not fantastic, but allows a comfortable life"
2) "benefits such as healthcare, food, and its a decent career"

Waste of tax payers money rather than really wanting to serve.

If you are truly passionate about signing on, it doesn't show from the questions you ask as they are so open ended. Seems like just fishing for answers, waiting to be spoon fed. How is it possible for you to be passionate and even able to claim that "RSAF is a lot different from life in army" when you have not experienced either to make that claim.
Whatever floats your boat...
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