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I'm sorry to hear that you have such a poor attitude.

Unfortunately to surprise you that I finished my 2yrs in the army as a 2LT. I've asked a few RSAF friends I made in OCS, but I wanted to ask if anyone has any more expertise on this topic through this platform.

I am here to ask about signing on RSAF. Possibly some advice, and AGAIN, not to say who is right or wrong.

Im not going to respond to your hate comments of being spoon-fed, or wasting taxpayers money, which can possibly incite an unnecessary argument. That is your personal opinion,which you are entitled to.

I'm just here to genuinely seek advice on people who know about this topic. Thank you.
You are entitlted to your own opinion about me having a poor attitude. I am also entitled to my own opinion that I don't think the force needs someone who wants to be spoonfed, furthermore you were an officer. Who knows why you ORD as a 2LT rather than a LTA.

Fair enough that you have experienced life in the army. But it is also surprising that if you have a few RSAF friends to ask, why didn't you leverage on their experience to find out more about RSAF. Also have you even gone to the RSAF careers website to find out more rather than just say you are not very knowledgeable about RSAF... spoonfeed you a bit..

Up to you whether you want to respond, I can't control what you think. Neither can you control what I do and think.
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