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Ok got it. M size fitted me best. Maybe itís just that one-off incident dunno why can suddenly ooze out of my ear canal and drop onto the mrt cabin floor.

Who else finds that the APP pricing is priced competitively attractive? Donít talk about qoo10 pricing, the RRP of S$379 is very attractive. Itís only $80 more than the AP2 wireless.

Whereas competitors such as Sennheiser MTW is S$469, B&O E8 2.0 S$549. I find the main reason for the price point of S$379 is to take away the market share of Sony WF-1000XM3 (S$349). And all these other 3 competitors have a huge chuck of case size. Yet, battery life deliverance is equivalent across all.
I think all are over priced. Lol. As for the sq, itís really subjective. For most other brands, they come with app with eq which can tune to user preference. But I think all sq are about the same. All limited by wireless restriction.
Btw, I also dropped my app once in mrt because I thought I already put it in. Itís really hard to tell sometimes because you donít really feel much
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