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It depends. For security line, be it SPF or AETOS, Certis, all will experiences certain months of peaks seasons.
From my personal exp, below are the senarios where OT is expected in ALL security industry.
1) Chinese will want to take leaves duing CNY,
2) Major deployment, Trump , Kim, IISS, ASEAN summit, Youth Olympic, National Day etc, in SPF is leave freeze, others is more OT expected. Throw MC runs the risk of melingering. Its all uniform group, discipline is expected.

3) Some on reserverist.
4) Deepavali, Hari raya, Year End Christmas Months is where many will compete for leave. Hence plan your holiday early and avoid clashing with peak seasons. Peak Seasons are also good months to chiong OT since everyoe only have one religion.
Hence for there will be certain mths on voluntary OT and certain mth compulsory.
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