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Is there any 13 mths or performance bonus for cisco, aetos or Sats?
Performance is input into your mthly pay.SPF is given performance on one particular mth only. Hence yes there is performance

13th mth unknoen as i am new to C too. Officially they said no, but some old senior say yes and some say no, so its puzzling here. Whack OT and your total OT pay can be more then civil servant 13th mth pay.

Recently notice a slight reduction on sign -on bonus from 16k to 14k. Maybe manpower meeting requirement liao or perhaps pte sector paying less then security now.

Heard rumour 'A' start to reduce the amount of crazy OT already as their manpower is better now. The wall always got stories, dunno how true..

I like SATS, nice taiwan SATS officer. Some time see SATS male officer more marcho then SPF regular. They sure can pull troublemaker out of the plane. LOL
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