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Epic 1. Deleted the game cos keep win lose win lose due to indogs
Climbed to legend 4 then drop to epic 3 waste of time
They want to be damage dealers don't want to tank
So i tank but they play damage dealers like fck keep feeding and level up so slow
If not fight on bad position or Kenna ambushed
Dunno to farm crab enemy take the crab
When i roam from mid lane to top lane to assist
As tank bottom lane idiot died. Don't know when to retreat
When i roam to bottom lane to help
Top lane indog died. The nobs cannot handle themselves then when they died they blamed u
Dunno when to retreat or engage unnecessary
When u died u already lose alot
Enemy have opportunity to outleveled u when u died
They clear wave faster and u need to go to that lane to help clear the minions
then they go to other lane to gank
It snowballs from there. These indogs feed like it's nothing to them
When u see enemy 2 levels above u u should run
These indogs engage one on one even when they are outleveled by 2 ranks. Fcking joke
Ask them for help to harass Enemy buff nobody assist
All happy to keep to their own comfort zone level up parallel with the enemy most of the t time gets outleveled
Normally when game start if u manage to hurt enemy in the mid lane until they left half hp
Can go to enemy buff zone and harass. Sometimes can get first kill
Drafting also nob. Anyhow ban dunno how to take advantage of first selection
If not try to slain lord when enemy alive then Kenna ks
The last straw is when somebody tried to slain lord himself as marsha when enemies still alive
Then Kenna ks
I deleted the game. Enough from these indogs

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