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Hi Seniors and Senpais,

Contemplating to sign on RSAF UAV squadron because of job stability, good pay, and good progression. RSAF is also not like the army and thus slightly different in terms of regimentation..

Not alot is known about life in the RSAF (for vocations other than pilot) and career talks are usually curated to paint a very nice picture...

Graduating soon from local uni, but wanted to know what is the working culture like and what to expect on a typical work week..

Please Help!

Kindly don't flame and constructive comments will definitely help!
Think twice bro. I see you've been through army ocs before and about to graduate uni, but switching service like this will mean you'll have to go through air force service term and pro term all over again (dunno about tri-service) and that in itself is gonna feel like a drag. I can't imagine waking up at 530am for 5bx for another 6months again (then again, that probably doesn't happen in uav; i was from the most siong vocation in rsaf myself).

True that saf does pay very well now, but you won't be too far back after 6-8yrs in the corporate world. Otherwise, why would so many scholars leave after bond's up?
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