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Do you know the definition of efficiency?

It is what you get versus what you put in.

If you don't use a phone, you don't even need a battery. So your Nokia 8810 comparison is moot.

Like I said, iPhone is well known for its efficiency. You get good performance with a limited battery capacity.

Other Android phones, you need to pump up the battery capacity, cpu power and ram to match similar experience with an iPhone.
What's the point of measuring battery efficiency without factoring in the battery capacity?

I can also say a cheap phone like a xiaomi redmi 8 with its low res screen and slow processor is way more efficient not even considering its way larger battery. And performance? Well both phones can use apps WhatsApp, Facebook without issue so what's the difference?

Obviously there is no apple to apple comparison for battery efficiency since there are so many variables like screen size, resolution, amoled or lcd, SOC etc. If you own an android phone you will know the number one factor in battery consumption is the display (there is a battery statistic page for you to see for yourself) the same can be said for the iPhone.

Comparison between the iPhone and phones running android in terms of battery efficiency is unscientific since there are way to many variables that play a part. Unless you find a way to run android on the iPhone then that's a different story
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