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Just a data point for subsidy.

iPhone 11 256GB, Apple SG is selling at S$1389 and SingTel Combo 2 price is S$878. The nominal subsidy is S$511.

For Android I do not buy high end, rather I will limit the amount I pay to be below S$350 for my Combo 2 plan.

Huawei P30, Huawei official price S$998 but the promotion price is about S$798. And SingTel Combo 2 price is S$308. The nominal subsidy is S$490.

The total subsidy is S$1001 nominally.

In reality you can get cheaper price probably for the two phones. So the subsidy is lower. But I think my calculation of S$750 is conservative. S$850 may be a good number to use.

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