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Just a data point for subsidy.

iPhone 11 256GB, Apple SG is selling at S$1389 and SingTel Combo 2 price is S$878. The nominal subsidy is S$511.

For Android I do not buy high end, rather I will limit the amount I pay to be below S$350 for my Combo 2 plan.

Huawei P30, Huawei official price S$998 but the promotion price is about S$798. And SingTel Combo 2 price is S$308. The nominal subsidy is S$490.

The total subsidy is S$1001 nominally.

In reality you can get cheaper price probably for the two phones. So the subsidy is lower. But I think my calculation of S$750 is conservative. S$850 may be a good number to use.
If you take Sim Only Plan and
Buy phone outside, will it be the same or better?
Sim Only Plan got more data...talktime and only 12 month contract?
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