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Just to share that I got the sp4 sent in for out-of-warranty replacement!

Call the hotline 800 1013659, speak to a customer service officer. Your mileage may vary, I had to send them a short video of the screen problem.

After a few days, they called me back to arrange for a replacement. Appreciate the CSO handling my case, 'cos he really explained to me in detail what steps would proceed from that point on.

Waiting for the sp4 to reach them and a replacement to be shippedback.


Got mine delivered a few days ago!! Whoopee!!! With 3 mths warranty extension from delivery date.
I tried calling in MS and they said they are unable to provide out of warranty replacement It will cost over $900 to repair the screen instead. The officer said that if anyone has received a replacement unit for free under an out of warranty period, they will do the same for me too. Are you able to help me out and provide me with your case ID or something so that I can show it to them as a reference? Please :X
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