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I tried calling in MS and they said they are unable to provide out of warranty replacement It will cost over $900 to repair the screen instead. The officer said that if anyone has received a replacement unit for free under an out of warranty period, they will do the same for me too. Are you able to help me out and provide me with your case ID or something so that I can show it to them as a reference? Please :X
I managed to call in today and told them that my screen flicker, searching online led me to the MS support page depicting the issue and offering the exchange (Source).

The CSO gladly arranged the exchange request for me and set up a courier to pick up my SP4...maybe those successful bros here can help you out.

P.S. Mine is also out of warranty though...expired in Dec 2018. I have prepared video proof to show them the flicker issue but CSO nv asked for it.
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