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To avoid providing inaccurate information about MCCs to customers, we will no longer be able to advise on the merchant MCC.
So the only way to confirm that 10X will be awarded is to make a transaction, keep track of all the 1X OCBC$ awarded, wait a month (or two) until the additional 9X OCBC$ should be awarded (they are all lumped together) and then if the bonus OCBC$ don't add up to what is expected call OCBC and try and work out which transaction wasn't awarded 10X? Then QED the transaction that wasn't awarded 10X has a MCC which is excluded?

Not very transparent or consumer friendly.

Why don't you award 10X immediately for valid MCCs? Like the OCBC 90N card does when both base and bonus for FCY are awarded at the same time. Or like Citibank Rewards where the base 1X and bonus 9X are awarded at the same time.

And BTW last time I phoned OCBC I was advised that a transaction wasn't awarded points because all Paypal transactions are excluded as they are considered mobile wallet topups. Only problem was the Paypal transaction had been awarded points - it was a different transaction which was missing the points. Nice if the CSOs were better informed.
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