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Hi guys, just sharing a tip for buying games cheap on steam.

Here's what I found out, you can buy cheap $100 USD steam credits at carousell around $100 - $107~, which saves you around $29~ since USD conversion is about $136 SGD.

(Before I go further, note that I am not trying to advertise anything here, I don't know anything about VPN software so I engaged a carouseller to purchase on my account.)

To save further more, you can contact carouseller who logs in your account and change your steam store region via VPN for the best conversion rate and cheapest games say Peso. This way you saves the most. Buying directly via credit card at your own Singapore store is the most expensive.

Just sharing my 2 cents. Not advertising anything, I found this out when enquiring a steam carouseller who purchase a game by logging into my account, I can actually continue to purchase games through the cheaper region using steam credits since it only checks for the correct region credit card, but steam credits is universal. It doesn't trace your IP for buying from another region store.

A steam carouseller who logs in to your account to purchase a game, will take a commission for every game. Say the lowest currency conversion is about $30 SGD for a game that cost $60 in SG store, he will give a price of $40 for the game. If you keep with the same region, and purchase cheap steam credits at a cheap currency rate, you save even more.
what happen if he lock out your account?
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