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A few questions:

1) How does buying steam credits from a carousell seller work? pay them the money and they transfer to your steam account ? Why not buy credits from steam or other sources directly like

2) What do you do with the leftover steam credits after purchasing ? Can it be refunded back into cash on steam?

3) Possible after changing to different country steam, to use credit card or paypal to pay?

Quite ignorant on all this so appreciate advice given. Thanks
1. You paynow them, and they will give you the code which you enter in your steam account.
Reason for buying steam credit is because they sell at a cheap conversion rate, $107~ SGD for $100 USD, normal currency rate, $100 usd is equivalent to $136 sgd. Do the math

2. Just keep the leftover steam credits, it cannot be refunded

3. You can't as they require a local credit card. Why use credit card when you can buy steam credits cheaper?
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