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China is portrayed as Master Wan, who is unwilling to teach foreigners their martial arts, and thinks that how the whites treat the chinese as bad and personal — wanting to get rid of them from USA's land. He acts as a controlling father who wants the daughter to learn Taichi but the daughter is more passionate towards cheerleading dance. He and other masters feel that US didn't give them the recognition for their contribution in building US's railroads in the past.

HK is portrayed as IP Man, who initially is also like Master Wan, wanting what is best for his son — to study rather than learn martial arts. IP man is more open-minded as he is happy to hear that Bruce Lee spread the knowledge of Kung Fu martial arts in USA. But Master Wan and other masters are not happy, perhaps they feel only chinese should impart to chinese these valuable skills. Eventually, IP man asked if Master wan has pushed for chinese rights in US? And slowly, IP man allow his son the freedom to do as he wishes — to not study but learn martial arts.

USA's traits is portrayed as the school principal, who is willing to accept IP man's son to enroll into the private school, if he gets a recommendation letter or give the school money (sponsor of $10,000). The recommendation letter still require the approval of CBA, only can get from China (Master Wan). USA is also portrayed as Scott Adams who is unwilling to accept Chinese Kung Fu as useful close combat martial art as compared to Japan's Karate. Scott Adams also seeks to avenge his daughter because of some misunderstanding in the school.

In short, the moral of the story is HK thinks China should be more open-minded and be more generous in how they relate with outsiders. Don't hoard or impose their own values on their daughter or son where the child doesn't like martial arts. And that USA's commander is open to accepting their Kung Fu, but it's the lower ranking Scott Adams who is unwilling to accept Kung Fu as more superior than Karate, because he dislike Vanness Wu and mistakenly thinks Chinese bully his daughter in School. In summary, China wants acceptance and recognition, which they think USA is withholding it (of which it is the lower ranking officer who rejects Chinese, not the higher ranking officer).

In the end, Master Wan appreciate IP man for his deeds (protecting his daughter and pushing for Chinese rights in USA) and hands over the recommendation letter (freedom pass) to him. And USA accepts the Chinese Kung Fu in their military school, and enrolled Chinese student in US's school. All is happy after that.
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