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Dont invest too heavily on the vpn workaround. If you havent been suspended, it will happen sooner or later. My friend account was suspended after doing this for about a year. Luckily he only had about 80+ games in that account. The suspension usually takes some time to happen. This method is only good for those who do not care about collecting games (play new game cheaply, ban by steam, rinse and repeat).

Just do the cheap Carousell Steam giftcard trick and purchase from the SG Steam store instead. This is the safer route.
Thanks for the input, before this like a year ago I did engage sellers who log in to my account and buy the games. Maybe if we know your friend's frequency of usage and stats that might help. I havn't use the VPN since I changed to Argentina at the moment, bought and refunded quite a few games during the winter sale as well.
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