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Thank you for taking the trouble to return with an update! It confirmed my fears as my SP4 was bought in March 2016 and beyond the 3 years deadline too.

I wasted 30min talking to the luckless CSO who took my call and got the same ultimatum as everyone else - pay $885 for a SP5 or get some 3rd party to fix it. MS is a dead end.

On the bright side, I saw that digital hospital is doing a screen replacement for SP4 at $279. One of their listed problems for a screen replacement is 'Screen Flicker', which is probably a common problem for SP4 everywhere. The replacement screen comes with 3 months warranty and a 92% success rate (their words).

I am considering the deal even though I don't need an SP4, because the alternative is a dead elephant in storage. If anyone else is interested, here's the carousell link I saw -
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