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For me, size is the main consideration. Screen is not that crucial for me, my eyes can't really see much difference.

But ya, smaller size better for me as a guy since guys tend to put phone in pocket and those giant phones (with exception of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 8) are damn hard to put inside pocket without the end protruding out and being visible

So my philosophy is always small phone if possible. If need to read emails/documents, I rather use tablet
Ditto. The built & size of the former SE is something i miss alot. The only drawback is that the camera on the new SE2 (supposedly) is not as good as the current level of iPhones.

I'm using the Pixel 3a, which size & weight is compact & light respectively. Yet its camera is very good despite being single lens. But that's kudos to Google's OS & camera app.
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