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Hm.. My usage is around 2 to 3 times per week, each time around 2-4 hours. Normally I will just keep inside my bag.. As for the charger, I use the Anker charger and USB cable at home and default usb cable + UK charger (3 pin plug from other xiaomi phone) outside.

I only noticed the battery is bloating because the mipad cover wont close nicely..

Wanted to get a replacement 3+32 but it is OOS since Sept.. Hope they will release MiPad 5 soon..
Might be a heat issue... if you kill the app properly and it's still running, the battery will heat up and it can cause the components in the battery to fail prematurely leading to the bloating... since it's in your bag, you probably won't feel the heat until you next take the phone out which may mean the phone has been heated up for a number of hours already...
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