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Any thoughts on this box?
Preloaded boxes like this are in general not recommended. You never know the services will stop. So life time can be six months, one year, two years, depending on your luck. HW spec and quality tend to be pretty low as well so the box may not last long.

If you look at the spec, it is sub S$30 box with the lowest end CPU in the current market and only 1GB RAM. So you are paying more than S$240 for a service with unknown life span. That is too risky.

CPU RK3229 Processor quad core ARM Cortex-A7MP



But if you really want to buy preloaded boxes, then buy Ubox or Evpad since these two have at least a bit of support from the vendor and the user community. EVPad 3S/3 is cheaper and have better spec than the above box.

All in all, if you see a no brand box with higher cost than S$100, be very careful. If the cost is higher than S$200, in general it is a do not buy item.

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