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update on my TCL purchase.

my delivery is suppose to be 9 to 2pm on saturday 11 jan. i got it from sembawang shopping centre.

wait and wait, call to sembawang shopping centre giant went unanswered. even went to tampines giant to seek help from the manager on duty there as i'm nearby. that was around 3pm.

he help to call the manager and arrange called back. the manager for sembawang centre called me back and say once the tv is picked up, will informed me.. really is endless wait.

as it was new house and not staying there yet, all the stuff suppose to unpack is done and basically endless wait. really damn frustrating.

finally came at 5.15pm. 3rd party delivery and says his vehicle broke down. couldnt answered why giant wasnt informed. was tempted to reject the order.

wrote to giant about this and no reply yet. shall wait to see what they say. spoil my saturday plan sia.
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