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In the end it may come out.

Mi Pad 1: May 2014, Nvidia Tegra K1

Mi Pad 2: Nov 2015, Intel Atom CPU, a bit of downgrade from Mi Pad 1.

Mi Pad 3: April 2017, kind of downgrade from Mi Pad 2, MTK8176

Mi Pad 4: June 2018, SD660 (4+ Aug 2018)

Mi Pad 5: ???

But Xiaomi is not really a very serious player in Android Tablet markets, you will have better luck with Samsung and Huawei.


Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Amazon and Lenovo are the top 5 tablet vendors. Xiaomi is part of others.
Have/had 1, 2, 4. Latest one much more superior than all the previous. Intel atom is just trash in an android. I would rate it as 4>3>1>2 in terms of performance.
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