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For a fair comparison, i feel that one should be comparing TCL and Prism TVs side by side, instead of against the big boys like Samsung, LG, Sony.
More fair comparison is with Prism, AOC, Harson, Akira TVs sold in NTUC or similar shops, as well as Xiaomi TV sold through online shops.

TCL TVs running official Android TV OS with Netflix HD are very good buy against all the others, including the cheaper Xiaomi, because of the local warranty and Netflix support and great Google ecosystem (apps) support.

In terms of app support it even beats Samsung and LG which are not that smart in the end (eg, lack of VPN app support). In fact Mi Box S running official Android TV is a very good complement for Samsung and LG to add support for more apps.

Xiaomi TV running official Android TV OS (eg, Russian 4S) are very good buy as well but it does not have Netflix HD.

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