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That’s not possible unless it is anti fatigue. You cant lower the power of the lower end of the lenses with any brand top tier single vision lenses unless he lower the overall power, adjusting the height of the lenses which made you look through another area of the lenses with a slightly different power. Also it could be due to a wrong fitting height leading you to view through another zone to see clearer.

It doesn’t work the same way as mystyle progressive series. So don’t worry about it for all who’s interested. Mystyle series progressives will be one of the best lens you ever try if you don’t mind the price..

Nulux EP is a 2nd tier category for single vision lens. Used to be top tier SV lens. Now Nulux top tier is Nulux V+ tailored to individual preferences. I have experience wearing tailored lens like zeiss individual. Dont like it. The optician lowered the power on lower end of my lens supposedly for comfort but end up i struggled to read clearly for near vision that i gave up. When watching tv i have to lower down my head in order to see more clearly with the higher part of my "tailored" lens.

My guess is it works same way for Mystyle which is the top tier of hoya progressive lenses. I might instead give mid tier a try instead. Lifestyle series is also customised maybe similar to nulux. Just less the "tailored" part thats all. Tailored sounds atas but may not suit our needs. Might be just marketing gimmick to earn more of our money. Just saying.
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