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Thatís not possible unless it is anti fatigue. You cant lower the power of the lower end of the lenses with any brand top tier single vision lenses unless he lower the overall power, adjusting the height of the lenses which made you look through another area of the lenses with a slightly different power. Also it could be due to a wrong fitting height leading you to view through another zone to see clearer.

It doesnít work the same way as mystyle progressive series. So donít worry about it for all whoís interested. Mystyle series progressives will be one of the best lens you ever try if you donít mind the price..
Ok my technical description not as professional as you but you are correct that he adjusted the height of the lenses which made me look through different areas of the lenses with different powers which i dont like at all and find it irritating. Maybe im used to perfect clarity so cant adapt to the varying differences in power.

Now that you say, i think he also added anti fatigue into the design lor. Supposed to make me feel less tired because adjust the lower portion of lens to lower power for near vision work and adjust higher portion of lens to higher power for looking farther distance. Thats why zeiss called it individualised mah. Lol. Wasted my $. Now im cautious about this so called highly customised lens. If suay suay the optician skill not good enough to input correct parameters for the high customization, the whole lens could be a disaster.

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