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Xiaofan, thanks for the information! Appreciate it.

The p8s is really attractive for the price and it's 400+ cheaper than the c8..

What about hisense? Any feedback on their models?
I myself have low requirements for TV picture quality and TCL P8S is fine to my eyes. I am even okay with Akira, Harson and AOC TV in NTUC. In fact I am using old Toshiba and Akira TV now, both 40 inch, 1080p and not smart TV. If one of them go bad, I may well go with TCL or maybe AOC (Okay, I admit the old Akira is not that good even to my eyes).

Of course those Sony, LG and Samsung TV look better but they also cost higher.

Hisense is a decent brand, same as TCL. But it seems they have less presence than TCL here in Singapore.

I helped my relative's friend to buy a 65inch TCL 4k TV in Dec 2018 at about RMB 5000 during my short trip to China and I visited them again in Dec 2019. The friend is very satisfied with the TCL.

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