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I see. Maybe it's tough for authorities to enforce legal rights on EVpad or Unblock because their servers are overseas.
Not really. Take note Ubox IPTV already got blocked by SG authority. It is just the workaround is pretty easy -- changing DNS.

Eventually they will get shut down or go out of business. But it probably takes time.

Now they are selling pure box without the IPTV/VOD apps in Taiwan to work around the law. The sales will go down. Imagine that also happen in Singapore and Malaysia. The sales will go down too.

Both are banned in mainland China too prior to the ban in Taiwan, for other reasons (hidden adult channels).

BTW, big IPTV providers also get sued and many websites related to pirate streaming of live TV have been closed down due to DMCA.

Ref: US$50 million penalty for IPTV providers

Over the past years, ACE has built a steady track record of successful cases against IPTV providers and services. In addition to Omniverse, it also helped to shut down SetTV, Dragon Box, TickBox, Vader Streams, and many third-party Kodi addons.

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