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For BMW, the 5 years warranty include oil leaks and engine mounting etc..

for wear and tear parts, can do at outside workshop. As long as original BMW parts are used, warranty will be intact. Save a lot of $$, eg: a pair of brake pads + labour cost $600 at PML, outside workshop cost $200. Aircon filter $135 at PML, $35 from Stockist (Eng soon) self change.

Servicing oil change have to be done at PML to keep warranty. Every now and then PML have promo for oil change service. Buy 3 oil change at price of 2. So 3 / 4 cylinder engine cost $650 for 3 oil change. After warranty, oil change at outside workshop is $180, almost same price as Jap cars.

You need to know where to go to service your BMW. So it's not true BMW cost a lot more more more to maintain, just need to do some homework and being savvy.
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