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thank you Habrosus. the customer service in LYN forum replied to me :

"mobile number 012932xxxx has expired. Mobile numbers will be terminated if no top-up is made within 50 days after the credit expiration date. This number cannot be reactivated as not available and can only be obtained with a new sim pack and new number at Maxis Center or any of our branches."

looks generic to me, as firstly, extra plan is 90 days grace period (not 50). then conflicting statement of "number cannot be reactivated as not available and can only be obtained with a new sim pack and new number" ... how can it be obtained if it is a NEW number.

luckily the number is not tied to any bank or similar connection, technically i could buy a new one (which is maybe not justified as M1 prepaid have data roaming in malaysia, not sure the coverage/reliability with Celcom as preferred network). just sad to lose a number as i was not attentive.

i still believe the best coverage is maxis/hotlink.
This line is supposed to be active until 14 January when it expired? If so, I'd feel that it's still on its grace period, whether 50 or 90 days...?

The CSO's reply looks rather contradicting... Maybe he's trying to tell you that the line's expired, and would be terminated after its 50-day grace period, then thereafter you'd have to buy a new SIM pack that comes with a new/different number if your old number is not available anymore...?

I used to have an M1 prepaid but eventually gave it up since I hardly use it in SG. For Malaysia, I've Hotlink and Digi Prepaid, and even use them for roaming to other countries like Indonesia (Batam, so far).

Yes, Maxis is said to have the best connection, just that the higher costs more or less prevent many Malaysians from using it long term. Celcom has good coverage, but cost-wise Digi still has the most users especially in Johor.

Anyway, sent you a PM.
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