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I understand. I've dropped a few hundreds on this game. Still shall keep playing. For a while more at least...

One of the first mobile games I played was Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North. Spent over $3000 on it. Thought I'd never stop playing it then...but the birth of my daughter changed everything!
I agree on your last statement. I was a legit player in Pogo until my son was born and totally no time to go out to play anymore, hence spoofing started.

Initially used iTools desktop (paid $40+) for the software and spoofed with no issues until a ban wave targetting iTools users, then I got a RW. Immediately after the 7-day ban I went to iSpoofer and paid premium and really loved its feature set. Now this current ban wave, really no options left. Going to miss catching regionals, hunting for shiny mons from my coords feed list and hundos too.
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