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Nice! Might change my battery soon.

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The tools you need are:

- 1 x BN60 battery (would be nice to find a Xiaomi battery, but I'm not sure where to get it so I just bought an OEM one)
- 1 x T3 Torx screw driver (for the casing bottom two screws)
- 1 or 2 Scraper (to break open the back of the case, the toughest part of the whole operation) (something thin and durable is better.. I used this
I broke my fingernails, had to specially order and wait for this tool just to break open the case lol
- 1 x mini philips screw driver.. (the size should be ph000 or ph00) to open two small screw inside covering the battery connector
- 1 x plastic scoop (something thin, non conductive will be better I think.) battery is 'glued' to the board, need to slowly 'cut' separate them. I used this

Hopefully the new OEM battery can last long, most importantly dont become a fire hazard..
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