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Sad to hear that. Niantic really go all out to ban ispoofer users.

Now i am also afraid of my baby account but I really had no choice because i need to spoof this coming ex raid.....................
Your main account RW just lifted ?

Maybe can checked up heng8888 video to help on spoofing safely.
Maybe this game is aiming for those retirees....................

Where got time to play and how to attend ex raid if u play legally especially if u are working everyday 8 to 5.......................
But not sure if I always teleporting to different countries while already 0 mins left in cool down to search for specific mons, also contributing to the RW. But that's my habit of spoofing.

Yes my main's RW already lifted 2 days ago but these 2 days I've been legit far so good. Will slowly check out the entire video when have more free time.

I agree....In fact people is Reddit also saying what about people with disabilities? NN doesn't care about these people and some who live in small communities where there're no stops or gyms and spent a lot of money on fuel driving out just to spin that stop or raid that gym.

NN just cares about banning spoofers, even where trainers like myself have spent over $1k buying coins. Makes me frustrated too.
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