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My main account on the day of RW , i spoofed whole day in Singapore no issues , in fact I went for 2 raids in Singapore . In the evening I went for a nap , when I woke up I saw a rare pkm in USA . I recall it was already 1 hour 50 min cool down so I thought fly there click the PKM and wait for 10 mins. The moment I flew there I can’t find that rare one so I closed and opened my app , straight away RW. I think now even if we don’t do anything, just by spoofing to another location will get RW if we don’t observe the cool down time. Of course my buddy was out too that maybe another reason .
Sounds like the location/rare spawn is a trap for spoofers anybody that spawn or teleport there will get banned because maybe that place is out of bound to general public.
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