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Ok I’ve watched that video heng8888 posted. Basically you need to enter iSpoofer via the isp link provided, then download the IPA file. But you’ll also need to purchase (in this case) iOSGods App+ which is an app signing app (US$19.99) which I did to try, but need to wait for them to receive your order then they’ll send you a link to download the app.

After that you’ve to save the downloaded IPA file into iOSGods App+ and install iSpoofer from there.

Think this methods also the same as using other app signing apps in order not to have the certs revoked.
Har? So fast u bgt iOSGods? I saw in the video he used that to create so many isp apps on his mobile.. Why he need so many apps or need to open so many apps at the same time ah?!!

But the main point I think he stressed is that he uses a small account (level 1 acct only in his video) to access iSpoofer's features, but export all the info via iTools mobile to the original pogo app that is logged in with his main account to do the catching. In this way, his main account is safe from iSpoofer detection, but I just read u hv iOS13 limitation on flying with iTools mobile as well.. so I guess this method is no go for u liao..

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