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I suppose, but for a newbie I feel safer buying the seller...
I am also a newbie therefore I only buy bnib set and must be authenticated. I don’t really go second hand because I dun want to risk over paying by buying polished set or repaired set. For bnib set, I also try to be careful.. for example if the set dated more than 3-4 months without stickers n sized, I wouldn’t buy too because it means someone may have worn it before resell as bnib. I will tend to pay abit higher for bnib that is dated less than one month old with stickers n unsized.. of coz followed by you need to get it authenticated at independent watch shop... thereafter you can bring to rsc and request for the watch to be sized... once they take it in to resize for u.. u r more or less assured it is genuine. Just some tip for newbie
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