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NTU/NUS/SMU 2020-2021 Intake

It's the time of the year again... For all chance rating (AY20/21) please post onto this thread. Do create a HWZ account if necessary.

Links will be updated from time to time. If you are enquiring for SUTD/SIT/SUSS, there may be existing threads that you can post your questions in the subforum. This thread is only for enquiries relating to NUS/NTU/SMU ONLY.

Chance rating format:
For JC – please provide your rank point (and indicate whether it is with MT or without MT – please take the higher.)
For Poly – please provide your poly course and 5th/6th sem CGPA, as well as any relevant O level grade (e.g. AMath for those applying to CS/Biz). L1R4 no longer required.
Please indicate citizenship status as well i.e. Singaporean, PR or international student.

  • A certain percentage of places will be reserved for Aptitude Based Admission
  • 20% O Level results policy for Poly applicants are scrapped wef this year
  • If applying to NUS, please state first choice since there is first choice admission points (1.25pts for A Level and 1pt for Poly)
  • If you are a poly grad applying to NUS Computer Science/Engineering, please note that if you do not meet AMath/ Poly Math requirements, your application to SoC will be considered as a DA application no matter how high your CGPA is.

Reddit (r/SGExams) Admission Megathread:

Application Dates
NUS/NTU Poly – 1 Feb to 21 Feb 2020
NUS A Level – 3 working days after A Level results release to 19 Mar 2020
NTU A Level – Day of A Level results release to 19 Mar 2020
SMU – 16 Oct 2019 to 19 Mar 2020

IGP/Useful Links
Historical IGP
Historical GES

Previous year threads
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May the odds be ever in your favour.

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