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I thought quantum dot is just a buzzword? But yeah I missed out the nits rating, C8 is better than P8. Just be aware of the difference between ELED and DLED. The C8 might not have very even lighting since it's ELED.
@Vulpix, the link you sent is interesting as its the first time it shows even the Panel manufacturer

C8: AUO (I think it's a TCL and AUO tie-up, may very well be in-house)
P8S: Samsung (we can seek out which Samsung has the same display output?)

But I went to IMM Giant to see, the P8S i really think it suffered from poor settings, do have a chance to go down see see. The C8 really looked slightly more vibrant. I'm wondering is it micro-dimming is turned off from the P8S....
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