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Hi !

Want to clarify something with you guys..

1. PD aka Power Delivery is only via a Power Bank Type C output ?
2. PD is only for iPhones ? Not Android ?
3. Type C output does not provide QC Quick Charge ?
4. iPhone does not do QC ?

I only have Android, so PD is irrelevant to me, right ? And Power Banks without Type C output is also irrelevant to me, right ?
1. Yes
2. No. Both.
3. Not true.
4. If you're specifically referring to Qualcomm quick charge, the device needs to be running on Qualcomm chips to benefit from it. So no iPhone does not support Qualcomm quick charge. Only power delivery (fast charging).

However there are many times of quick / fast charging besides Qualcomm quick charge. For example Samsung uses adaptive fast charging (a variation of Qualcomm quick charge 2.0), OnePlus uses wrap charge, Oppo uses VOOC flash charge, Huawei uses super charge etc. But note that all these charging technologies mentioned in this paragraph are more relevant for the stock wall charger that comes with the phone.

For power banks, the 2 main (fast) charging technologies that are mainstream are power delivery and Qualcomm quick charge. However you can still get the specific "brand" charging technology if the company also makes power banks. For example, Samsung makes power banks that comes with their adaptive fast charging.

Power delivery is still relevant for Android phones. Some power banks with USB type A can also do Qualcomm quick charge 3.0.

For more information:

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