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-- If you want a really hands-off approach, 0.4% is ok, but I would really want proof that this ARI thing is going to help rather than hurt.
As you said, 0.4% is still ok. Thats the main point.

I would like to add that having 1 consolidated managed acc is also good for beneficiaries especially if they are not financially well versed. If your beneficiaries are financially literate, you are lucky. Imagine they are not, whats going to happen when you pass away? They will have to deal with ibkr, fsmone etc or even worse individual stocks/reits. What if theres a rights issue after you pass away?

For me there is this ease/convenience which such robos/managed accs bring. At <=0.4% i think it is still ok though i hope syfe can introduce 1 more tier for maybe 500k or 1mil
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