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i consider to stop becoz i thought with approx 75 to 80mths of DCA (total of 100k investment) in etf is good enough... after that i will let the capital + gains + dividend grow on its own until it time for retirement where i will encash them and place into FD or SBB with no risk

The money which i will put in endowment is another 100k which i wanna set aside as a risk free savings with guaranteed return of 2.59%pa. The maturity of this endowment is timed nicely with the depletion of the 100k which Ive allocated for the etf investment. i may or may not wanna use the capital + returns of this endowment to continue to DCA on the etf... this depends on the rate of return i see from the 6 years return of the etf investment, and also the risk appetite i have 6yrs later from now...

The 110k i put inside the UOB one and DBS multiplier would earn 2++%pa with high liquidity in the event of urgent need. this is the money that i will use to pay for my ownstay property (approx 1k per mth). By the end of 2028 when my cpf fully depletes, and if I still have not see a desired capital gain, I will continue to hold for another 2 or 3 yrs (that will need approx 70k.

Why stop? The maturation of an endowment plan isn’t a good reason to stop. Stopping would mean your $1,300/month savings flow crashes to zero. The endowment plan proceeds are simply savings that get reallocated. They shouldn’t be “double counted” as additional savings.

The cash allocation seems a little high to me. That’s equivalent to $9,166 per month for 12 months, not counting your Ordinary Account for mortgage payments.

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