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you mean i should continue to do DCA investment in the etf with the 100k from the endowment once it matures in 6 years time?

As in its kind of like a no brainer?

i guess it was too conservative...

Do you think the spread of $500 mthly on ES3 and $800 mthly on IWDA is sensible? I dont feel like there is a need to do the 110 - age and twice yearly rebalancing thing...

Clearly you’re capable of at least S$1,300/month of savings flow without affecting your lifestyle in a way you cannot tolerate. Why would you stop in ~7 years? Because you would suddenly need S$1,300/month of whiskey to drink that you aren’t drinking now? It doesn’t make any sense!

Just keep saving and prudently investing until retirement! This is called “consumption smoothing.” If you do it reasonably well, you enjoy a great lifestyle now, and for the rest of your life, and even have some lifetime gifts for your progeny and loved ones.

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