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yeah i understand....

i guess the difference is stashing money from the endowment 6years later to another endowment which will have a guaranteed gain of 2++%pa return vs using them to do DCA on etf for the next few years.

So it really depends if the future performance of IWDA and ES3 really justify the "risk" of not going for a guaranteed 2++% endowment return.

Not forgetting the initial 100k + gains + dividends that is in the etfs are still in the trading account (rolling hopefully good compounded interest until the day i need to encash them)

Both etf investing and endowment are savings... just a matter of which has more gains and risk.


Yes! That ought to be the default assumption anyway. The endowment plan is past savings, and its maturity doesnít suddenly make it new savings. Itíll just be existing savings to reinvest while your regular savings flow continues.

Your portfolio allocations are up to you, but planning to slash monthly savings from $1,300 to zero about 7 years from now when youíre at least 8 more years away from retirement doesnít make any sense.

Iíve been saving something every month for over a quarter century ó I started very young ó so I donít think you should stop after 7 years.

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