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i’m already dreading next season
always the biggest challenge for any Champions is to do it again the next season
but look at this season (not just United) ... and you can’t help but think Pool are already one foot thru that door of repeating the feat next season given all teams are as bad as United
Pep don’t even know if he’s going to stick around (sounds strange, but hope he does & his team could deny our fears)
worrying times ahead ... seriously, the club has that much faith in Ole ?
this summer is going to be tough to sign big names given that it’s the Euros year
sign early, scared injury
procrastinate, $$$ jumps ... rivals jump in, hijack your deals, agents skyrockets transfer fees
and even if u do get your man, chances are there’s not enough time to intergrate him into the squad even if he is match fit in Sep onwards
plus, who will
want to come play for clueless Ole 🤣
i cannot see how our fortunes are gonna turn in 2021 with full-of-excuses Ole at the helm
suddenly you realize that double digits since we last were champs is just in the horizon
Q is which big figure when we do break the duck ... 1x or 2x years (hope Cracker & i still around if we hit 30 years !!!) 🤣🤣🤣

Our points tally is a complete farce we are nearly 40 points behind Liverpool it’s totally unacceptable.

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